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Worst Movies to See With Your Parents

What Embarrassing Movies Have You Seen With Your Parents?

Here at Buzz, we're usually pretty good at assessing which movies are suitable to see with mom or dad, but it's only because we've had our share of unbearable experiences.

Case in point: I still remember going to see Superbad with my parents several years ago. My dad cracked up at Seth (Jonah Hill)'s phallic drawings (I did not need to know about his dirty sense of humor), while my mother couldn't stop complaining about the language. Even worse, I felt like I couldn't laugh at anything lest my parents know that I secretly found the foul jokes funny. Becky has a similar horror story of watching The 40-Year-Old Virgin with her family, but she handled the movie's sexual innuendo much better than I did — she had already seen the movie and excused herself to the bathroom during the most awkward moments. Smart girl.

OK, I realize I'm targeting Judd Apatow movies, but there are tons of films that would be awkward to see with mom or dad in tow (i.e. the sex scenes in Love and Other Drugs are way too hot and heavy for parental viewing). So let's hear your horror stories! What's the most uncomfortable film you've ever watched with your family?

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