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Would You Use Maghound?

If you're anything like me, you have way too many magazine subscriptions to read all the articles you want to read each month — much less keep track of when they're due to be renewed. That's where Maghound is trying to step in. Coming in September, the service will let you subscribe to magazines published by Time Inc. (InStyle, Real Simple, etc.) for a monthly price — three for $4.95, seven for $9.95, and so on. You can switch up your chosen magazines at any time.

Maghound's organizers consider it to be sort of like cable TV (if you got to choose exactly the channels you wanted) or Netflix (if you didn't have to return the movies). I think the idea has a lot of promise, but I wish I could do it for all my magazines, not just the Time Inc. ones. What do you think? Would you use this service?


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redbaron redbaron 8 years
The fact is that Maghound has over 240 titles from various publishers, and there are plans for even more titles to be added soon. It really isn't much work, especially if you're looking to sample a few magazines - the substitution feature is a great way to try new magazines - or if your magazine tastes tend to change from quarter to quarter or month to month. And, with the free trial period, you really have nothing to lose by trying it out for awhile to see what it is REALLY like :) The difference you'd be paying from your $15 subscription to the $20 per magazine base price maximum for Maghound membership gains you the freedom to have magazines in non-published months, and to change your choices whenever you want. It is important to remember that sometimes, those subscriptions are for bimonthlies that only produce 6 issues a year. With Maghound's substitute, you get issues EVERY month. So, if you love magazines, try it out so that you can try out magazines! :)
maglover maglover 8 years
Hey...It's live!!! Go check it out I am signing up today!!!
maglover maglover 8 years
Rumor has it that it is NOT just Time Inc titles. If you search the internet it will have more than 200 at launch and 400 by the end of the year. So you will be able to do all of your magazines you want in one place, try magazines for a few months then switch out when you want. Sounds awesome!
uptown_girl uptown_girl 9 years
Hmmmm... I might check it out. I'm a magazine addict. I just picked one up today, Shop Smart, from the Consumer Reports people, and I have a Marie Claire I just got in the mail waiting for me, not to mention two books I have checked out from the library!
verily verily 9 years
I would be tempted... The cheapest service is $60 a year (any handling charges?) so that's about $20 a year for each. But first, I'd have to determine if they carry magazines I'd want to read. I don't know what all Time Inc publishes. Then, I'd have to calculate if I'd save anything from using this combo deal as opposed to carrying separate subscriptions. Though I carry no subscriptions at the moment, I know from the little sub cards that fall out that some things I read occasionally are very cheap (Marie Claire and Lucky are never more than $15 a year), some things are not (Martha Stewart Living and Real Simple), and some things wouldn't be carried by this service (ReadyMade).
robinesque robinesque 9 years
I agree with Bellasugar!
ilanac13 ilanac13 9 years
well - most magazines (the big titles) are actually more than $10 a year if that's what you're implying - so it's not like there's a big savings to do that - i just think that it really depends on the titles that are being offered. In the case of Time inc - they have people and EW so you could make some great deals there - assuming those books are included, but otherwise, i don't' know if it's worth if for me. i don't read in style or real simple unless i get the books in my office (i'm in media). if there was a different publishing group that did the same deal - then i would look to consider it.
Beauty Beauty 9 years
This sounds like so much more work than necessary. And $4.95 a month? You can subscribe to most magazines for a year for $10 (unless you're talking the NYer) so I'm not sure I'd do that.
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