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There's news from Comedy Central this morning that the network plans to revive the '70s hit The Gong Show. The original, hosted by TV personality (and possible CIA hitman) Chuck Baris, featured amateur performers showing off their talents — singing, dancing, fire-eating, juggling — for a panel of celebrity judges. Good acts got to complete their performances, but the bad ones got the gong.

The new version will be hosted by comedian Dave Attell and produced by Adam Sandler's production company. But the idea behind the show is the same: Eight to 10 performers will try to impress a rotating panel of celebrity judges, with Attell promising: "Stars will be made. Feelings will be hurt."

The Gong Show — like, say, Match Game — seems like such a peculiar specimen of '70s culture that I wonder if a modern take would work. Aren't reality shows like American Idol and America's Got Talent basically one big Gong Show already?

The show is set to premiere July 17. Do you think you'll tune in?


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Missy-Prissy Missy-Prissy 9 years
I would watch it times but it will probably do well with Dave Attel b/c he is a trip!
MindayH MindayH 9 years
I think that Dave Attell and the Comedy Central touch will make it hilarious in a way that Idol and America's got talent will never be.
shernic82 shernic82 9 years
I love the Gong Show...I wish they could "gong" people on American Idol.
luv2blazy luv2blazy 9 years
Can you imagine someone pulling the Big Stick Popsicle 'show' on today's tv?
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