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Are You Following the I'm a Celebrity News?

Are You Following the I'm a Celebrity News?

Since it premiered last week, NBC's I'm a Celebrity . . . Get Me Out of Here! has been generating headline after headline — mostly of the Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt variety. The latest controversy is that Heidi and Spencer claim they were tortured in an isolation chamber as punishment for trying to leave the show, leading to Heidi being hospitalized with an ulcer — a story sources on the show are denying. Even before that, the pair had already quit and unquit the show, which features contestants performing various challenges (many involving rats and spiders) in the Costa Rican jungle.

Not only has the show been making entertainment headlines, it's also been dominating NBC's schedule — and this week looks to be no different, with the show set to air two-hour installments tonight and Wednesday and another episode on Thursday. Have you gotten caught up in the controversy? Or are you avoiding the show and anything to do with it?

Photo courtesy of NBC

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bleached bleached 8 years
Said it once and will say it again... reality TV has destroyed our minds
Angela123 Angela123 8 years
I did catch a few episodes this weekend-MTV ran some sort of marathon-and have come to the conclusion that I'd rather stab my self in the eyeball than watch that crap ever again.
Juicylemon Juicylemon 8 years
Nope. This show seems like its aimed for wannabes, C and D-listers and has-beens.
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
it's kind of hard to avoid the news about it sometimes - which is really annoying. i was so excited about the show before it aired since i loved the UK version, and now it's the speidi show and it's just not fun.
Jinx Jinx 8 years
I don't know how an ulcer story got started, Heidi was dehydrated, plain and simple, all the symptoms were there.
JCP0240 JCP0240 8 years
Buzz how did this do last week in the tv ratings? I'm curious because I cannot stand them, but i ALMOST got sucked in.
killitded83 killitded83 8 years
HAHa. it looks like they changed their minds,,20283959,00.html?xid=rss-topheadlines
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