Are You "A" on Pretty Little Liars Quiz

Quiz: Are You "A" From Pretty Little Liars?

By now, we've devoted countless hours of our lives to figuring out the eternal mystery on Pretty Little Liars: who the hell is "A"? We've thought over every theory, blamed every character, and looked everywhere we thought to look — except one place. You know what they say: trust no one. That's why we're asking: are you "A"? Take a look at this checklist before season five premieres on Tuesday — just to be safe. We'll take you off our suspect list after you do. Maybe.
  1. You LOVE texting.
  2. You definitely have made veiled threats. Via text.
  3. You wear black.
  4. You wear hoodies.
  5. You wear black hoodies.
  6. You consider yourself to be, like, REALLY tech savvy.
  7. Your name begins with "A."
  8. The letter "A" appears somewhere in your name.
  9. You freely and openly will call anyone a b*tch, specifically if it's a friend.
  10. You know secrets. Lots of them.
  11. Money is not really an issue for you.
  12. You're left-handed.
  13. You like to think of yourself as a team player.
  14. You do whatever's necessary to get what you want.
  15. You're, like, really good at crafting witty phrases.
  16. You've signed a text, email, or other miscellaneous item of correspondence with "kisses."
  17. Sometimes you feel like nobody knows the real you.
  18. You prefer darkness to light.
  19. You're pretty athletic.
  20. You can be a little bit obsessive sometimes.
  21. You're a born leader.
  22. You've got a bad side.
  23. Nobody wants to get on your bad side.
  24. You've resorted to blackmail before.
  25. You have a LOT of time on your hands.
  26. You've broken the law before.
  27. You've broken the law so many times, you've lost count.
  28. You have an affinity for masks.
  29. People tell you your eyes are pretty.
  30. When someone betrays you, you seek revenge.
  31. You've broken a window before.
  32. You've stayed overnight at a motel.
  33. You've stayed many nights at a motel.
  34. OK, you've sort of taken up residence at a motel for a while.
  35. You have a knack for photography.
  36. You're a snoop.
  37. You like dolls.
  38. You've been to Pennsylvania before.
  39. You live in Pennsylvania currently.
  40. You were born and raised in Pennsylvania.
  41. You like games.
  42. You've referred to your dwelling as a "lair" before.
  43. You've made someone else do your dirty work.
  44. One time, you accidentally (or purposefully) lit something on fire.
  45. You've almost been caught doing something really bad.
  46. You know someone named Aria.
  47. You know someone named Hanna.
  48. You know someone named Spencer.
  49. You know someone named Emily.
  50. You know someone named Alison.
  51. At one point, you've said the phrase, "I'm A."
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