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Are You Ready for TV Series Lost to End?

Are You Ready For Lost to End Already?

We're having a heated debate here at Sugar HQ, and we'd like you to weigh in. With only six episodes left of Lost before the Oceanic kids say goodbye to us forever, a few of us (mainly me) are already feeling the pangs of saying goodbye to the series — while other editors (who I shall not name) are more than ready to put it to rest for good.

I understand that the show's endless string of Easter eggs and alternate realities can get tiresome. I feel you, I really do, but personally, I just can't think of another TV program that gets me quite so excited. When Lost leaves on May 23, it's taking my regular weekly theorizing and water cooler talk with it. Ugh. On the upside though, I guess my head will hurt much less. Where do you stand?

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