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Will You See Paranormal Activity 2 This Weekend?

Watch, Pass, or Rent: Paranormal Activity 2

October is horror movie prime time, so it's no surprise that studios save some of their heaviest hitters for Halloween season. Right up there is the much-anticipated Paranormal Activity 2, which his theaters this weekend.

Since the original became a surprise box office smash hit, I have a feeling that fans will flock to the theaters once again to see the follow-up. The first movie, in the vein of The Blair Witch Project, was dubbed as one of the scariest movies in years and was a critical success as well.

Horror isn't exactly my favorite genre, but sometimes even I can't ignore the hype. What about you — will you be heading to the theater for a good haunting this weekend?

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juicebox07 juicebox07 6 years
Definite pass! The first one was so horrible. It was the worst movie I've ever watched. Not scary at all, and really boring. I don't expect anything different from this one.
kea718 kea718 6 years
I wasn't a fan of the first one. Overhyped b.s. I agree with weffie, not scary at all.
onlysourcherry onlysourcherry 6 years
I totally agree weffie. The first one did nothing for me. And the big finale was in the previews! So annoying.
weffie weffie 6 years
Meh, I can wait for the dvd. I didn't find the first one scary at all... just when it looked like something scary would finally happen (after sitting thru the annoying couple's home videos for over an hour), it just ended abruptly so they didn't have to actually come up with anything... exactly like The Blair Witch Project.
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