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If You Were Elena, Who Would You Pick: Stefan or Damon?

This post comes from Hooked on Vampire Diaries group member polkadot38.

Every week on The Vampire Diaries, we watch the hottest vampire brothers on TV, Stefan and Damon Salvatore, as they fight for the affections of Elena. We still wait to see who Elena ultimately ends up with, but nonetheless, who would you rather spend the rest of forever with: Stefan or Damon? There was instant attraction with Stefan, but Damon has shown a softer side (giving in to Elena's plea about Jeremy).

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lidiachee lidiachee 6 years
I like both of them, it´s really hard for me to choose from.Every girl would dream to meet boys like them, who are completely in love with her.But Damen is always the one who loves deeper and wilder.He would give up everything to love and I really admire his courage for it. So I picked Damen.
Ian-Salena Ian-Salena 7 years
just D E```
chanedybaby chanedybaby 7 years
Damon,he has an infinite deep love~~~~~~~~
chanedybaby chanedybaby 7 years
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