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Your "Traveler" Questions, Answered

Your "Traveler" Questions, Answered

Remember when the short-lived series "Traveler" ended with an episode that promised to answer all your questions — but then totally didn't? The series creator, David DiGilio, has fixed that with an extensive blog entry at explaining everything that would have happened in seasons two and three of "Traveler" — and beyond. Here are some of the biggest revelations:

  • The quest to uncover the Fourth Branch — the organization that seemed to be calling the shots toward the end of the series — would have been the major plot of season two. Jay, Tyler and Will would have sought to expose the organization, which was a secret society filled with rich, powerful, and mostly corrupt members of America's oldest families.
  • The painting — John Trumbull's "Declaration of Independence" — was key because it depicted the formation of the Fourth Branch. Will took it as leverage in case the organization decided to punish him for letting Jay and Tyler live.
  • Tyler has an evil brother, Gabriel, who would have been the key nemesis in season two. In that season's finale, Tyler would have been murdered at Gabriel's hands.

For more, especially about Will Traveler's past, just

  • Will Traveler's real name was Stephen Mailer, and he was trained in martial arts and other fighting techniques from a young age by his uncle. That uncle got him enlisted in the military and, ultimately, directed him to join Operation Hometown, working for Jack Freed.
  • The Hotel Guy, aka The Porter, finally has a name: Jon Anselmo. He was a rogue CIA agent bent on destroying the corrupt Fourth Branch.
  • In the FBI subplot, Marlow would have struck out on her own to uncover the FBI's ties to the Drexler bombing; ultimately, Chambers would have killed her. Chambers' daughter would have been introduced as a character, and she would have eventually convinced her father to abandon his ties to the Fourth Branch.
  • How it all would have ended: In the final episode, Will would have sacrificed himself to save Jay and expose the corrupt reign of President Shears. Jay, with Kim's help, would have carried out Will and Tyler's legacy by revealing the lies and deceit of the Fourth Branch.

"Traveler" fans — if any of you still exist — are these answers more satisfying to you than the ones we saw on TV?

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