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Help Zach Braff Make A Music Video!

The folks over at Popwatch received an interesting phone call from Zach Braff promoting a contest of sorts for would-be filmmakers. He put out a call to action for people to submit their visions for a music video he's directing for his friend Jay Clifford's song "Know When to Walk Away." Braff wants people to "film themselves lip-syncing the track" though it sounds like he's prepared to be wowed by all kinds of creativity. He told Popwatch:

It's about regular people making their own version of the video, with a concept of their own that highlights something about themselves, who they are and where they live. "Know When to Walk Away," you could make it about a job, about a bad situation in your life, about anything.

Braff is going to edit together the best scenes he receives alongside the footage he's already shot of Clifford singing the song. The first thing that popped into my mind was the end of Michael Jackson's "Black or White" video and Braff himself acknowledged a similar concept was done in a recent Nickelback video, but he says that's not at all what he envisions. He also told Popwatch that people should save videos about "getting kicked in the balls" for YouTube. Ha!

So are your creative juices bubbling yet? I think this is a fun idea and can't wait to see the finished product. You can listen to the song and get more information on this project at the contest's site.


mabess mabess 9 years
haha. Jump, Little Children! That brings back so many high school memories. I think me and my friends went to see them at least 20 times. Whenever I hear "My Guitar" or "Cathedrals" is just like whoa. Jay gave us his cowboy hat after a show one night, a really, really nice and talented guy. I'm gonna have to bust out my autographed tee. Bottom line, it pays to have famous friends.
sharshar sharshar 9 years
Awesome! :D
dcdawg dcdawg 9 years
So excited to see this!!! Thanks for posting Buzz. Jay is an incredible musician, and his former band Jump, Little Children is my favorite band of all-time. I highly recommend everyone check out Jay's debut solo album Driving Blind. It's amazing.
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