There's an Alternate, More Violent Version of Westworld's Super Bowl Ad

During Sunday night's Super Bowl, HBO gave us another glimpse at the second season of Westworld, and things are looking very dark. But as fans should have learned by now, we should never take anything in the Westworld universe at face value. As it turns out, there's a secret message hidden in the trailer at 33 seconds. The blocks above the bulls can be converted to binary code, which can be translated to an IP address: This IP address leads to an astounding website:

Once you find Delos Destinations, there is so much to digest. If you click over to the Experience page, you can catch a glimpse of Samurai World plus even more additional worlds (which are currently closed to the public). But there's something else: on the Experience page, you can click on the Westworld slide and move over to to get to know more about the mysterious focus of season one.

On the Westworld site, there's a way to unlock an alternate version of the Super Bowl ad: in the bottom left corner, click "Let's Begin" to chat with Aeden, the bot who will help you get acquainted with the park. Type "our world" to Aeden, and he'll drop a link to the alternate trailer. While it's almost the same as the original, there are a few moments that are more violent (and unsettling) than what you saw on TV.


While Maeve is certainly in control when the bulls rush in, this new moment tells a much different story. Maeve appears to be all bloodied up and malfunctioning. Could her fate be darker than we think?!


This hanging scene was not originally featured. The real question is who's getting hanged? Are the humans hanging hosts or vice versa?


While we do see the bulls charging in the original trailer, we don't see these guys getting all gored and bloodied up as a result. Brutal.


It looks like we're going to get a bit more background on the American Indian hosts in the new season. But what's going on here? Is this violence from another human or another host?!


Perhaps the most haunting (and fleeting) image of the alternate trailer: this man looks just like Delos founder James Delos, who only just appeared online during the Super Bowl. But why is Delos all bloody? And is he holding some glass to his own face? We need some answers.

Westworld returns on April 22.