19 Riverdale Fans Who Lost Their Sh*t Over Archie and Veronica's Shower Sex Scene

Ever since Riverdale's season two trailer dropped, fans were counting down the seconds to the premiere with plenty of questions on their minds: who the hell shot Fred Andrews? Would he survive? And more importantly, when are we going to see Veronica and Archie's epic shower scene?! Luckily, thirsty viewers were blessed with the latter in the season's first episode, but it wasn't exactly welcomed with open arms by everyone.

The premiere opens at a strangely old-timey hospital, where Archie and his friends anxiously wait to hear about Fred's fate. Betty, noticing that Archie is still covered in his father's blood, suggests that Archie go home to freshen up. His girlfriend, Veronica, helpfully tags along for moral support. Shortly after the two get back to the Andrews house, we catch a glimpse of Archie's rock-hard, glistening abs as he rinses off, and hot DAMN.

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When Archie is in the middle of his shower, Veronica decides to strip down and waltz on in to join him for a good ol' rubdown. Needless to say, things get pretty f*ckin' steamy, as they share a passionate (yet short-lived) makeout sesh.

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As soon as the sexy scene went down, fans couldn't help but share their reactions on social media, and it looks like pretty much everyone had mixed feelings. Some were admittedly super turned on by Varchie's shower scene, while others thought it was bad timing on Veronica's part considering the fact that Archie's dad had just been shot. How about you? Were you confused? Aroused? A strange hybrid of both? Whatever you're feeling, you're definitely not alone.

The shower scene was literally the only thing fans could think about from the get go.

Literally NO ONE was prepared when it actually started happening.

And then OH MY GOD.

After the fleeting moment passed, fans were straight-up shook.

All in favor of an extended version, please say "aye!"

Others were confused AF, because, you know, Archie's dad was just shot and all.

And some thought it went TOO FAR.

But wait, how is her makeup actually flawless afterward?

Someone pointed out that Archie definitely should've taken his cast off before scrubbing things down.

I think this is the one reaction we can ALL agree on