This Might Have Been the Sexiest Season of The Bachelorette EVER, and These Photos Are Proof

The Bachelorette makes me cringe 99 percent of the time, and it isn't exactly known for dates that are steamy, Titanic-car-scene hot, but you know what? Becca and her season 14 guys really brought the heat. Now that Becca has narrowed it down to her final man (what's up, Garrett?), it's time to fondly look back on her sexy journey to the finish line. She and Colton pretty much couldn't keep their hands off each other during their boat date, and she had both afternoon and evening makeout sessions in the ocean with future fiancé Garrett. And let's not forget about that up-against-the-wall kiss with Blake, which made me say aloud, "Oh, OK." As we count down the hours until Bachelor in Paradise premieres, let's relive some of those steamier moments from The Bachelorette, shall we?