The Bachelorette: Yes, Tyler C.'s Instagram Pics Are Just as Hot as You'd Imagine

When it comes to watching the men on The Bachelorette, our gut typically never steers us wrong. But there's one contestant we may have misjudged from the beginning. Tyler Cameron, please accept our sincerest apology. Not only are we very, very thirsty for you, but we've loved seeing your sweet personality shine every Monday night.

As part of our sorry tour, we scrolled through the model's (yes, he's a legit model) Instagram page. In between the glamorous shots, we see that Tyler loves the outdoors, is always down to travel, and is the life of the party. Basically, he's the man of our dreams, and even though we're not dating him, we have our fingers crossed that he finds his happily ever after.

Killer View, and We’re Not Talking About the Scenery

Hey, Tyler! Can You Fit 1 More on That Float?

Yep, Those Are Some Strong, Beautiful Genes

No Shirt, Definitely No Problems

Our Hearts Have Officially Burst

Good Catch! And the Fish Is Nice, Too

Catch Us Something Good For Dinner, Tyler!

We’d Follow Him (Almost) Anywhere

Tyler + Pizza = Our Ideal Night

Who Can Resist Those Faces?

Those Good Looks Definitely Run in the Family

We’re Actually Not Hating This Crop Top Look?