In Case You're Also Obsessing About Whether Becca's New Tattoo Was For Arie . . .

In case you missed it, Arie Luyendyk Jr. had the breakup heard round the world on the Monday finale for season 22 of The Bachelor. After proposing to Becca Kufrin (Becca K.) on the finale, and therefore dumping Lauren Burnham (Lauren B.), he did the unthinkable and changed his mind . . . in the worst way possible.

Not only did he propose to Becca and then break up with her, but he had the cameras film him breaking up with the so-called winner of this season on what was supposed to be a "happy couple" date. It was the worst.

In addition to replaying that longer-than-necessary breakup scene (seriously, it was so long), we can't stop thinking about the beginning of Arie and Becca's conversation and how he tried to ease into the breakup. He awkwardly asked how Vegas was, which apparently is the last trip that Becca went on before having her heart broken and no longer being engaged, and then he tried to distract her by talking about her tattoo.

Arie said something along the lines of, "Oh, you got it," pointing to Becca's new ink, which at first we didn't see, but as soon as he noted it, we couldn't stop digging and wondering about. Although we only got glimpses of the new tattoo, which is on her left wrist, we could deduce that it's a bee or bug with wings of some sort.

The good news is it's not an "A" or anything that's obviously related to her former fiancé, so yay. The not-so-good news is that Becca has yet to show it off on social media, so we can't rule out that it might be semirelated to her Bachelor journey. While this could be some sweet nickname Becca had for Arie — fingers crossed it isn't — it's looking like as of now it's just a bee tattoo and not one that she'll regret now that she's no longer with the race car driver.

Becca seems like a responsible woman who thinks things through, so we're confident that this new addition to her tattoo collection — she already had a cross on her right hand and two other tattoos according to her Bachelor bio — was well-thought-out and not an impulsive "I'm in love" tattoo proclamation.

Perhaps the second part of the After the Final Rose episode on Tuesday will give us the answers we've been needing, like why Arie lingered for so long after dropping that breakup bomb on Becca and what on earth the bee tattoo means!