Dissecting the Biggest Westworld Theory: Is Bernard an Android or Not?

After Westworld threw us for a loop in the premiere episode, we can no longer trust that those presented as guests to the park are, in fact, humans. But what if the deception goes even deeper? It occurred to me while watching that first episode that Bernard seems so poised, so practiced . . . could he be an android? I'm not alone, the internet has been buzzing about the idea that he may be one of Ford's most advanced creations. There have been offhanded comments that support the theory, as well as wrenches — particularly in the latest episode. Here are all the hints and clues we've caught!

  • In the second episode, we find out that Cullen and Bernard are sleeping together. During the aftermath, she asks him why Westworld's androids bother speaking to each other. He says it's their way of practicing human characteristics, and she asks if that's what he's doing now. It could be an innocent joke, or it could be because she knows he's an android. It would explain why the executive (who seems to take professionalism very seriously) would be sleeping with an employee, as well.
  • Bernard is a senior employee at the corporation, yet he doesn't know about Arnold? Ford explains the late cofounder's story to Bernard in the third episode, but it seems bizarre that Bernard has never heard about him. Is it because he only has as much knowledge as Ford has inputted into his memory?
  • Here's something for the "human" column: At this point, we know that Bernard lost his young son, Charlie. He carries a photo around, and he's talked to Charlie's mother on the weird video phone. Many of the hosts have manufactured memories; we even see Teddy get a new backstory in the third episode. However, the depth of Bernard's history seems so real. He could just be practicing humanity with a projection of a woman who isn't real, but it feels like a stretch.

Bernard is an interesting case, to be sure. However, I've also noticed that "android humor" seems to be very popular among employees. Elsie jokes with Stubbs that she's surprised they let him carry a weapon, since only some androids are given weapons privileges. Meaningless remark or clue? I'm willing to bet that not all the humans are as real as they appear, but for now, Bernard is my primary suspect.