Best Book and Reading Instagram Accounts to Follow

8 Aesthetically Pleasing Accounts Book-Lovers Should Follow on Instagram

As a book nerd to the highest degree, there are few things that give me more pleasure than cracking open a brand-new thriller. And the best place to find new titles? Instagram, believe it or not. While I know that there's debatably more to life than a good book, sometimes you just want to forget about all your worldly problems and get lost between the pages.

When I'm having an especially bad day or just want to take a break to check out new books for the 2019 POPSUGAR Reading Challenge, there are a handful of eye-catching — not to mention super-informative — Instagram accounts out there dedicated solely to books! Scroll ahead to see some of our favorite book nerds you're going to want to follow ASAP.

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If you're looking for some detailed book reviews and honest recommendations, Jordy's Book Club is the one-stop shop of your dreams. Not only can followers feast their eyes on beautiful book photos (It's incredibly addicting!), Jordy reviews at least one book a week, ranking it between one and 10. He's also your go-to guy for getting an insider-y scoop from the publishing industry, as he shares new book releases and even does weekly giveaways.

What do you get when you cross a book-lover with a gorgeous orange tabby? Read With Jamie's stunning Instagram account, that's what! A mom and Spanish teacher from Texas, Jamie's feed is chock-full of stacks of new-releases — some are color-coordinated! — along with a healthy dose of feline. Jamie reads all types of genres and gives each title a score out of five, making deciding what you want to read next a breeze. For the record, if I could live inside one person's page, it would be this one.

As a self-described "lover of books and beer," Lupita's feed showcases a diverse mix of new books and authors. Whether you're looking for a new, not-as-well known book to dive into or are curious about what IPA you should try next, this account has the answer. As an added bonus, Lupita attends a ton of meet-and-greets, which means you get to catch a glimpse of your favorite author that's not printed on the back flap.

What began as an empowering podcast has led to an inspiring account to the tune of 143,000 followers, proving the gals at The Reading Women don't mess around. As you can tell by the account's handle, this page is entirely dedicated to all the female authors in the world who churn out impressive work. What's more, you listen podcast hosts Kendra and Autumn discuss some of their favorite titles on a weekly basis.

Yes, technically Book of the Month Club is a business — you pick a title or two and they ship 'em to you 12 times a year, hence the name! — but scrolling through this page is the definition of cathartic. Inspiring and full of monthly selections ranging from chick lit to thrillers to literary fiction, and beyond, scrolling through this account will make you want to hunker down with a good book and a cup of tea, stat.

A mom and book-lover who goes by the name of Jessica keeps Instagram interesting by sharing what she's reading at the moment on Books and Margs. Aside from recommendations, she also posts exactly what she's sipping on as she turns the pages. Throw in a few photos of her on the beach, and you feel like you're actually on vacation with her. (Added bonus: she does tons of giveaways, which means you can score free copies! How's that for soothing?)

With more than 10,000 followers, Spines & Vines pairs our two favorite things: great books and vino. Whether you're looking for a colorful stack of hardcovers to get you though the morning or want to read new and diverse authors, this account is one of the most informative accounts going.

There are few things I love looking at more than adorable, tiny libraries. And Katie — a bookworm from Dallas, TX — stocks a little free library all by herself. Though Katie reads an array of books, she has a passion for anything in the psychological thriller or suspense category. Check out reviews and the title she's excited about on her handle, BasicBsGuide.

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