26 Rosa Diaz GIFs to Use When You're Feeling Deadpan as Hell

Jan 31 2020 - 4:15pm

Portrayed by one utterly talented Stephanie Beatriz [1] (hello, still not over her real voice!), Brooklyn Nine-Nine [2]'s Rosa Diaz is a lot of things: a queer icon [3], tough-as-hell cop, and purveyor of the cool leather jacket look [4]. As the 99th Precinct's resident badass, she's one of the richest and most interesting characters on TV, never running out of hilariously dark lines delivered in her signature deadpan. Just like Shrek and onions, she has layers — you'll find her violently shaking a computer monitor in one moment and reluctantly revealing that she was at a La La Land [5] sing-along in the next. While we wait for season seven of Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Coming in February!), here are the very best Rosa moments of all time.

When She Shows Up For Gina and Amy

When She Expresses Her Unadulterated Enthusiasm

When She Struggles With Electronics in the Most Real Way

When She Gives Captain Holt the Best Relationship Advice

When She Gives Her Honest Reaction

Like, REALLY Honest

When She Describes Totally Normal Behavior at a Party

When She Makes Amy Her Personal Doll

When She's Just Fed Up With Office Machines

But She's Not a Monster About It

When She Comes Up With This Plan to Have the Last Word

When She Lets Out Her Soft Side . . . but Then Gets Real Dark

When She Drops the Truth Bomb

When She Reveals Random Facts About Herself

When She Aggressively Staples This Missing Poster For Cheddar

When She's an Independent Woman, Even With Bad Poison Oak Rashes

When She Lets Her Girlfriend Mess With Her Hair

This Hilarious Moment of Unmatched Sexual Tension With Adrian

When She Takes Down the Perp in Her Halloween Costume

When She Follows Through With Her Plans Because She's a Badass, Not an Anarchist

When She Goes Into Costume to Confront the Patriarchy

When She Keeps to Her Damn Self

When Her Confidence Level Is Through the Roof

When She's Sleuth Sisters With Amy

When She Claims She *Can't* Get Sick

When She Has No More F's to Give

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