TV Shows With at Least 5 Seasons to Stream Now

Feb 25 2022 - 2:10pm

Looking for something to binge-watch that's a little longer than your average weekend watch? Between all the major streaming services, there are quite a few long-running TV shows that are sure to keep you occupied for as long as you need to be. Every single one of the shows recommended here has run for at least five seasons — most of them have run for even longer — so they're perfect for binge-viewing or just a long-term investment in a good story. From superhero action thrillers [1] to prestige dramas and heartwarming romantic comedies [2], these are some of the best TV shows to binge-watch ever. Keep reading for dozens of our favorite binge-worthy shows that you can stream on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and HBO Max right now!

Additional reporting by Kalyn Womack and Naomi Parris

Shows to Binge-Watch: "Veep"

The Emmy-winning comedy centers on a bright but messy vice president and her chaotic staff. After becoming vice president, Selina Meyer finds herself working a thankless job, trying to juggle personal and political responsibilities, and keep her eye on the ultimate prize: the presidency for herself.

Watch "Veep" [4] on HBO Max now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "The Sopranos"

The iconic mafia drama is a real throwback to the early days of prestige cable. Tony Soprano seems like a normal, if stressed-out, dad and husband, but he's definitely not your average suburbanite. He's a mob boss, and his brutal decisions have massive reverberations in his professional life as much as in his personal life.

Watch "The Sopranos" [5] on HBO Max now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "Six Feet Under"

Death can be darkly funny, as this morbid comedy about a funeral home proves. A family-owned funeral home is the center of the show, which focuses on the Fisher family who owns it, the reluctant son who becomes a partner in the business after his father's death, and the families who require their services. Watch

"Six Feet Under" [6] on HBO Max now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "Chuck"

When an aimless geek gets an email from his old college buddy-turned-nemesis, he certainly doesn't expect to accidentally download an entire government database of secrets into his brain. But that's just what happens, and now Chuck is an unwilling government asset, protected by a grumpy colonel and a secretive spy as he gets wrapped up in all sorts of hilarious and dangerous missions. Watch

"Chuck" [7] on Amazon Prime now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "Boardwalk Empire"

Prohibition-era Atlantic City is a hotbed of glamour and crime, where gangsters and bootleggers rule the city and carry on their illegal dealings. When the boss's former protégé turns tail and betrays them to the feds, it sets in motion an even more dangerous and deadly game.

Watch "Boardwalk Empire" [8] on HBO Max now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "The Wire"

In this acclaimed series, characters from all walks of life struggle with (and against) the drug trade in Baltimore. Instead of focusing on just one "side" of things, the show famously tackles it from all angles, presenting us with characters who are cops, drug dealers, addicts, politicians, families, and more, who are all trying to build lives for themselves in whatever ways they know how.

Watch "The Wire" [9] on HBO Max now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "Call the Midwife"

In 1950s London, a group of midwives work to help the women of an impoverished district, all while dealing with personal crises of their own from time to time.

Watch "Call the Midwife" [10] on Netflix now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "Curb Your Enthusiasm"

It's almost a "Seinfeld"-esque "show about nothing," in which creator Larry David [11] plays a fictionalized version of himself struggling with all the little annoyances and quirks of life. Watch

"Curb Your Enthusiasm" [12] on HBO Max now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "The Americans"

During the Cold War, a pair of KGB spies are assigned to a long-term, deep cover mission, posing as an ordinary married couple in the American suburbs. Over the years, they build a life and a family in their new home, but as they're called back into action, the lines start to blur between what's real and what's just part of the mission.

Watch "The Americans" [13] on Amazon Prime now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "Poldark"

After being presumed dead in the American Revolution, a soldier returns home to rural England to find that his family land is in shambles and his long-lost love has married his cousin. With the help of a motley crew of tentative allies, he has to rebuild his family's legacy and find a way to heal his heart — but both are easier said than done.

Watch "Poldark" [14] on Amazon Prime now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "Downton Abbey"

The British period drama breathed fresh life into the historical genre without taking a dark and dreary approach. Focusing on the lives and loves of the aristocratic Crawley family and their servants, the series spans the restrictive decorum of the Edwardian era through World War I and the fast-arriving changes of the 1920s, forcing everyone to adapt as they fight for their families, loves, and way of life.

Watch "Downton Abbey" [15] on Amazon Prime now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "Arrow"

Superhero TV shows are everywhere right now, so it's easy to forget that, when "Arrow" debuted, it was still a big risk. After spending five years shipwrecked, billionaire playboy Oliver Queen returns to his corrupt city with a secret vigilante identity, determined to right wrongs — and he slowly learns that he doesn't have to go it alone.

Watch "Arrow" [16] on Netflix now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "Breaking Bad"

Facing a cancer diagnosis, a mild-mannered chemistry teacher begins cooking meth in hopes of leaving enough money behind to take care of his family. It's only a matter of time before he gets sucked deeper and deeper into the criminal underworld, turning into a full-fledged drug lord.

Watch "Breaking Bad" [17] on Netflix now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "Community"

When a lawyer finds out his degree was revoked, he's stuck going back to school at a community college. He starts a "study group" to impress a pretty girl in one of his classes, but instead ends up launching a real study group full of colorful characters.

Watch "Community" [18] on Netflix now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "The Flash"

Geeky forensic scientist Barry Allen becomes a superhero speedster when he's struck by lightning in a lab. From then on, he works to balance his investigations on the police force with his newfound double life as a superhero — plus some scary scientific conspiracies.

Watch "The Flash" [19] on Netflix now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "Gilmore Girls"

A mother raises her overachieving teenage daughter in a small New England town filled with quirky characters. When her daughter gets into an elite — and expensive — school, Lorelai is forced to reopen her relationship with her stern, wealthy parents, kicking off several years of drama and humor (and lots of coffee).

Watch "Gilmore Girls" [20] on Netflix now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "The Great British Baking Show"

Looking for some TV comfort food? Look no further than this cozy, quippy baking competition that challenges a dozen amateur bakers to create delicious and sometimes unusual treats, all in a low-key and fun environment that stays far away from the usual reality show intensity.

Watch "The Great British Baking Show" [21] on Netflix now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "Grey's Anatomy"

"Grey's" is still going strong — who'd have thought? Since 2005, we've been eagerly watching the medical careers and personal exploits of a group of (remarkably attractive) doctors in Seattle, all connected to Meredith Grey, the ambitious and messy daughter of a surgical legend.

Watch "Grey's Anatomy" [22] on Netflix now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "Merlin"

It's a new twist on the legends of Camelot you've heard dozens of times before. In this Camelot, where magic is banned, the young sorcerer Merlin is a servant to arrogant Prince Arthur and must keep his magic a secret. As he learns more about his and Arthur's destinies, Merlin fights to save the future king and the future of Camelot.

Watch "Merlin" [23] on Netflix now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "Jane the Virgin"

A young aspiring writer finds out that she's a pregnant virgin, thanks to a medical mix-up. With the help of her parents, grandmother, and an assortment of loved ones, Jane tackles the challenges of motherhood while finding ways to pursue her own dreams.

Watch "Jane the Virgin" [24] on Netflix now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "Justified"

A US Marshal takes a very Wild West approach to his job, leaving him with lots of enemies among the criminal underworld and very few allies among his colleagues. When he's assigned to the rural Kentucky region where he grew up, he finds himself pulled into a string of crimes and conspiracies.

Watch "Justified" [25] on Netflix now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "New Girl"

A quirky, just-dumped young woman moves into a loft with three mismatched roommates. What starts out as a goofy fish-out-of-water premise turns into a warm and still goofy comedy about an unlikely group of friends figuring out life, love, and growing up.

Watch "New Girl" [26] on Netflix now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "Bones"

A forensic anthropologist-slash-crime novelist teams up with an FBI agent to solve bizarre crimes in this popular and long-running procedural. Of course, the biggest legacy of the show isn't its mysteries; it's the electric chemistry between Booth and Bones that gave rise to one of TV's most popular 'ships.

Watch "Bones" [27] on Hulu now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "Schitt's Creek"

When they lose everything to a bad business manager, the uber-wealthy Rose family is forced to relocate to the tiny town they bought as a joke. Although it takes them a while to adjust to their new lives, each of them slowly begins to discover the things they never knew their lives were missing.

Watch "Schitt's Creek" [28] on Netflix now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "Shameless"

A messy, hard-drinking father of six struggles to raise his family, pawning off much of the responsibility on his eldest daughter. Through ups and downs, the family figure things out, albeit with a lot of mistakes and upheaval along the way.

Watch "Shameless" [29] on Netflix now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "Supergirl"

Sent off-world as her planet was destroyed, Kara Danvers grew up pretending to be human, but knowing she was super. When she embraces her powers, she becomes Supergirl, a hero who fights injustices both mundane and supernatural alongside her friends and allies.

Watch "Supergirl" [30] on Netflix now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "The Vampire Diaries"

Vampire brothers Stefan and Damon battle each other and eternal forces of darkness in a small Virginia town. Along the way, they both fall in love with a human girl who mysteriously resembles the woman they both loved over a century ago.

Watch "The Vampire Diaries" [31] on Netflix now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "Elementary"

The Sherlock Holmes mythos gets a new spin in this contemporary mystery procedural. Holmes is a recovering addict obsessed with crimes (especially those that have touched his life personally). Watson is a former surgeon turned sober companion hired by his father to help him stay clean. Together, they slowly form a crime-solving partnership — and a life-changing friendship.

Watch "Elementary" [32] on Hulu now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "Family Guy"

There are a whopping 18 seasons currently available of this long-running animation staple, which centers on the misadventures of a clueless dad and his oddball family and community.

Watch "Family Guy" [33] on Hulu now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "Game of Thrones"

If you somehow missed the single biggest show of the 2010s — or just want to watch it again from the start — Hulu has you covered. In a dark medieval world with magic just below the surface, several families vie for power after the death of the king's adviser threatens to reveal devastating secrets and sets in motion a years-long war. Watch "Game of Thrones" [34] on HBO Max now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"

It's a new spin on the old police show, with a group of quirky, quippy detectives solving crime and getting into shenanigans at their NYC precinct. More of a workplace sitcom than a police show, it's definitely the source of at least one meme you know.

Watch "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" [35] on Hulu now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "Homeland"

A CIA officer struggling with mental illness raises the alarm about a newly-returned POW who she suspects might have turned traitor. What unfolds from there is a long and twisty tale of spies, politics, paranoia, and the struggle to figure out what's true and what isn't before the whole world pays the price.

Watch "Homeland" [36] on Hulu now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "Friday Night Lights"

In small-town Texas, high school football means everything. A tough but fair coach and his compassionate school counselor wife try to guide their students through school, work, family troubles, first love, major tragedy, and so much more.

Watch "Friday Night Lights" [37] on Hulu now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit"

The best-known of the "Law and Order" family follows a specialized squad of New York detectives who focus on solving sexually-based crimes. It's been running for 21 seasons and counting!

Watch "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit" [38] on Hulu now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "Outlander"

When a World War II-era nurse gets pulled through a magical circle of stones in Scotland, she has to build a new life for herself in the eighteenth century. Time travel, tense drama, and romance abound in this popular series based on Diana Gabaldon's bestselling books.

Watch the first four seasons of "Outlander" [39] on Netflix now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "Queer as Folk"

In the early 2000s, a group of gay men (and their lesbian friends) deal with life, sex, and love in the best ways they know how. When a newly-out teenager falls into their group, it shakes everyone up and has them questioning what they're really doing with their lives.

Watch "Queer as Folk" [40] on Showtime now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "South Park"

The infamously irreverent animated comedy is available in all its gleefully obscene glory. There are more than 20 seasons — and an infinite number of memorable lines — to get through!

Watch "South Park" [41] on HBO Max now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "Cheers"

It's one of the most iconic sitcoms of all time, and for a good reason. At a Boston bar owned by a former baseball star, colorful patrons and workers come and go across eleven seasons, but at the center of it all is the classic will-they-won't-they tension between bartender Sam and waitress Diane.

Watch "Cheers" [42] on Hulu now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "American Horror Story"

Unlike most of the shows on this list, "American Horror Story [43]" isn't a single story spanning several seasons. Instead, each season of reboots with a (mostly) independent story in settings ranging from a circus to a haunted house to a literal apocalypse, resulting in one of modern TV's best horror anthologies.

Watch "American Horror Story" [44] on Hulu now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"

Five mismatched misfits who own a bar get into all sorts of professional and personal messes, all while trying their best to actually act like adults. Although their schemes for success fail more often than not, they just keep trying and trying — often with hilariously disastrous results.

Watch "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" [45] on Hulu now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "The Shield"

Politics and crime intersect in this drama about the moral ambiguity of law and law and enforcement. A group of corrupt cops also happens to be the best at what they do, leading to some major conflict with a captain who needs to clean up her district and politicians out to grab power for themselves.

Watch "The Shield" [46] on Hulu now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "Lost"

A plane crashes on a mysterious island, forcing the survivors to band together to survive until rescue arrives. As you might have heard, though, this is no ordinary island, and the show's survival-centric drama soon shifts to trippy, philosophical, time-traveling twists that ask the big questions about science, fate, faith, and community.

Watch "Lost" [47] on Hulu now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "The X-Files"

The seminal sci-fi drama has sparked movies and a reboot, but you can catch up with the original on Hulu. Two federal agents — one a skeptic, one a believer — investigate weird, inexplicable, and sometimes downright terrifying happenings and try to discover if they're all linked.

Watch "The X-Files" [48] on Hulu now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "Younger"

When a newly-divorced 40-year-old mom can't get a foot in the door to restart her career, she impulsively lies about her age to get hired at a publishing company. What ensues is several seasons of relationship drama, parodies of the real literary world, hilariously spiraling lies on top of lies, and a surprisingly sweet heart about female friendship.

Watch "Younger" [49] on Hulu now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"

It's the prototype for every supernatural teen drama of the past two decades. Buffy is a Slayer, the once-in-a-generation hero chosen to defend the world against demons, vampire, and other supernatural baddies. With the help of her loyal band of friends — and a couple of supernatural love interests — she saves the world over and over again, all while dealing with high school and college.

Watch "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" [50] on Hulu now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "The Originals"

This "Vampire Diaries" spinoff zeroes in on the lives and past lives of Klaus and Elijah Mikaelson as they revisit their hometown of New Orleans. However, they are met by another group of vampires who have changed the rules of how the city is run.

Watch "The Originals" [51] on Netflix now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "Pretty Little Liars"

A year after the disappearance of their best friend Alison, a group of friends begin receiving messages from an anonymous sender called "A," who threatens to expose their secrets. They begin to question if it may be Alison taunting them.

Watch "Pretty Little Liars" [52] on HBO Max now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "The Walking Dead"

Amidst a zombie apocalypse, a group of people are constantly on the move trying to find safety and defend themselves from both the undead and other dangerous survivors.

Watch "The Walking Dead" [53] on Netflix now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "Orange Is the New Black"

Piper Chapman is snatched from both her career and fiancé when she is sent to a women's prison for her connection to a drug dealer. She learns how to maneuver through the environment by figuring out who her friends are and who her enemies are.

Watch "Orange Is the New Black" [54] on Netflix now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "Peaky Blinders"

On this show, based in 1919, Thomas Shelby leads a gang called the Peaky Blinders with determination to live a life away from the social and economic damage caused by the Great War.

Watch "Peaky Blinders" [55] on Netflix now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "Power"

Club owner James St. Patrick, known in the street under the alias Ghost, struggles to build a better life from the remnants of a criminal past.

Watch "Power" [56] on Hulu now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "Ballers"

Former football superstar Spencer Strasmore becomes a financial manager for current players. His relationships with his clients start extending beyond financial assistance and into navigating life as a star athlete.

Watch "Ballers" [57] on HBO Max now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "Girls"

Four girls navigate their 20s after college in New York City but encounter some challenges as they try to figure out just what they want from the world and themselves.

Watch "Girls" [58] on HBO Max now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "Girlfriends"

This drama comedy follows the lives of four close friends in LA. From dating and marriage to motherhood and careers, Joan, Maya, Lynn, and Toni stick by each other, showing viewers what true sisterhood is.

Watch "Girlfriends" [59] on Netflix now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "Sex and the City"

This classic rom-com follows the journeys of Carrie Bradshaw, a sex columnist, and her three friends Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda as they navigate through the dating scene of New York City while juggling their lives.

Watch "Sex and the City" [60] on HBO Max now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "Moesha"

World renowned R&B singer Brandy stars as LA teenager Moesha Mitchell, who's struggling to come to terms with her father's new marriage just a few years after her mother's death. As she navigates through the ups and downs of friendships, romance, and a career, she strives to keep it all together.

Watch "Moesha" [61] on Netflix now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "The Parkers"

A spinoff of "Moesha," this drama comedy features the iconic mother-daughter duo Nikki and Kim as they attend the same junior college and navigate through their relationships, love, and careers.

Watch "The Parkers" [62] on Netflix now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "Gossip Girl"

Based on the novel series of the same name, this series is narrated by Gossip Girl [63], a ruthless and anonymous blogger who reveals the secrets and lives of a group of privileged Upper East Side teens as they go from high school to college.

Watch "Gossip Girl" [64] on HBO Max now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "Sister, Sister"

Starring real-life twins Tia and Tamera Mowry, this classic drama comedy follows the lives of twins who were separated at birth, each being adopted by a different parent, but reunite at a mall as teenagers.

Watch "Sister, Sister" [65] on Netflix now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "One Tree Hill"

In the fictional North Carolina town of One Tree Hill, two estranged brothers, Lucas and Nathan, unexpectedly reunite, navigating through family drama, school, romance, and more!

Watch "One Tree Hill" [66] on Hulu now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "One on One"

This series stars Flex Alexander as a bachelor sportscaster who becomes a full-time father when his ex-wife accepts a job out of the country and his witty teenage daughter moves in with him.

Watch "One on One" [67] on Netflix now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "Black-ish"

An African American family pursues the American dream in this drama comedy. "Black-ish [68]" takes a fun yet serious look at one man's determination to establish a sense of identity for his family, exposing social issues.

Watch "Black-ish" [69] on Hulu now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "How to Get Away With Murder"

Annalise Keating is a brilliant and seductive law professor who teaches a class called "How to Get Away With Murder." She selects a group of students to assist her with real-life criminal cases at her firm, exposing dark truths along the way.

Watch "How to Get Away With Murder" [70] on Netflix now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "Scandal"

This political thriller follows the journey of Olivia Pope, a former media consultant to the president who's ready for a new chapter and opens her own firm, but she can't seem to escape her past.

Watch "Scandal" [71] on Hulu now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "This Is Us"

This drama series follows the lives of two parents and their three children in different time frames.

Watch "This Is Us" [72] on Hulu now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "Desperate Housewives"

This star-studded soap opera and drama comedy follows the lives of four women as seen through the eyes of their friend and neighbor who committed suicide in the pilot episode.

Watch "Desperate Housewives" [73] on Hulu now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "Criminal Minds"

A first-class FBI squad analyzes some of the country's most twisted and psychotic criminal minds [74], anticipating the perpetrators' next moves before they strike again.

Watch "Criminal Minds" [75] on Netflix now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "Living Single"

Set in 1990s New York City, this iconic drama comedy centers on the lives of six single 20-somethings who share personal and professional experiences while living in a Brooklyn brownstone.

Watch "Living Single" [76] on Hulu now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "Seinfeld"

Created by comedian Jerry Seinfeld [77], the show follows the seemingly endless misadventures of four friends as they navigate everyday life in New York City.

Watch "Seinfeld" [78] on Netflix now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "The Game"

A spinoff of "Girlfriends", this drama follows the various wives and girlfriends of a group of professional football players for the fictional San Diego Sabers as they balance children, careers, protecting their men from groupies, and more.

Watch "The Game" [79] on Hulu now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "Greenleaf"

When the estranged daughter of a prominent bishop returns home after her sister commits suicide, she strives to find out the truth, exposing scandalous secrets and lies of her seemingly perfect family.

Watch "Greenleaf" [80] on Netflix now.

Shows to Binge-Watch: "Beverly Hills, 90210"

A group of friends living in Beverly Hills navigate through love, school, and careers as they go from high school to college.

Watch "Beverly Hills, 90210" [81] on Hulu now.

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