Valentine's Day Is "Coming Prematurely" Thanks to Netflix's Big Mouth Special

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Can you imagine a better holiday for Big Mouth to explore than Valentine's Day? With all the hormones and candy hearts flying in every which way, we can already guess that Andrew (John Mulaney), Nick (Nick Kroll), Jessi (Jessi Klein), and Missy (Jenny Slate) would be a little crazier than usual. Fortunately, Netflix is blessing us with a special in honor of the lovey-dovey holiday, titled "My Furry Valentine."

The trailer for the new episode of the coming-of-age comedy is unsurprisingly hilarious, with Andrew deciding to rock a questionable hat in his ongoing quest to win over Missy, while Nick seems to be out at a romantic dinner along with his parents (Cringe City, population: him). It also looks like we'll get a musical number of some kind and a sassy one-liner from Matthew (Andrew Rannells) about Topman that is already the best line from the show thus far.

Watch the tease for the special episode above, and keep an eye out for "My Furry Valentine" when it "comes prematurely" to Netflix on Feb. 8.