Gwendoline Christie Loves Brienne and Tormund's Interactions as Much as You Do

A lot of important things happen on the fourth episode of Game of Thrones season six. Yeah, yeah, there are heartwarming family reunions and some explosive action scenes, but the real fire happens at Castle Black . . . where Tormund Giantsbane first lays eyes on the love of his life, Brienne of Tarth. As soon as she rides through the gates with her lady Sansa, Brienne is the only person Tormund has eyes for — even during dinnertime, when he stares at her seductively while devouring a piece of bread.

Unsurprisingly, the internet went a bit nuts at this hint of attraction between the two fan-favorite characters. Viewers not only approve of the pairing because they simply want Brienne to be happy but also because she and Tormund are so perfectly matched. Wildlings don't look down on female warriors; in fact, a woman who can kick ass and defend herself is pretty sexy Beyond the Wall. Tormund, who claims to have giant's blood, would only be further attracted to Brienne's hulking stature — a feature that she has only faced ridicule for in the past.

Dan Sackheim, the director of episode four, confirmed to TV Guide that the attraction between Brienne and Tormund is real. "I wasn't even sure that when I delivered the episode it was really clear. It was like a fun little bit, but I wasn't sure it was really clear that he had these amorous feelings for Brienne," he told the publication about Tormund's not-so-subtle appreciation of Brienne. "I'm always amazed what fans pick up . . . I think it was fairly one-sided, but that's OK. There's nothing like a challenge. Men love a challenge."

Gwendoline Christie shared her thoughts about the spark between Tormund and Brienne with Entertainment Weekly:

"I enjoyed Brienne being put in that position of feeling awkward and not wanting the attention. That was a very fun thing to play. He's a wildling, he's very sensual and animal-like and very forthright with his emotions and feelings — which is really the opposite of [Brienne]. I enjoyed trying to navigate that and the beauty of her embarrassment. She can totally deal with the situation, and with him, but she's just so embarrassed about it."

We're all aboard this romantic "ship," which has been dubbed "Torienne" on Tumblr. Thankfully, there's already plenty of material to fuel the excitement about Brienne and Tormund's connection — including some surprisingly sweet fan fiction and quite a few hilarious internet reactions. So if you're pumped about this potential Game of Thrones power couple, join the club!

Tormund and Brienne

— Game of Photos (@gamofphoto) May 16, 2016

me: hm Brienne and Tormund? Is this a thing? Do I... ship it?
*checks tumblr*
Tumblr: the ship has left the harbor, we cross the narrow sea

— Yulin Kuang (@YulinKuang) May 16, 2016

love the dragons and stuff but if the rest of this season turns into a brienne/tormund romcom I won't complain

— Mina Kimes (@minakimes) May 16, 2016