Britney Spears Teases Her First VMAs Performance in Almost a Decade

Hold on to your hats, because Britney Spears is making her return to the VMAs stage . . . for the first time since 2007. On Tuesday, MTV confirmed the pop star's performance on Twitter, and the teaser video that accompanies it will surely give you chills. "The VMAs don't just give you a stage," Spears says on voiceover, "they give you a story." The shots show iconic Britney spears moments of VMAs past: the snake from "Slave 4 U," the wedding veil from that time she made out with Madonna, and the iconic phrase, "It's Britney, b*tch." As for what song Britney will be performing, MTV revealed in a press release that she'll belt out one of her latest hits, "Make Me," alongside rapper G-Eazy. Get ready, the show's on Aug. 28, and it's sure to be another slice of history.