The Walking Dead: Are Animals Susceptible to the Horrific Zombie Virus?

One of the biggest mysteries on The Walking Dead also happens to be one of the most prevalent pieces to the zombie apocalypse puzzle: the virus. Throughout the run of the show, we've learned plenty about it through observation, character explanations, and more. We've even learned about why none of the characters say "zombie" while referring to the infected. There's one thing, though, that isn't quite as explicitly addressed in the series: can animals get it too?

It's true, the show has never truly answered the question in scenes, but that doesn't mean an answer isn't out there. In fact, creator Robert Kirkman directly addressed the issue during a very early episode of Talking Dead, the postmortem show that immediately unpacks each episode after it airs. "Animals can't become walkers/zombies," Kirkman revealed. "Only humans." You know what this means, right? One day, when every human is turned to a rotting member of the undead — or better yet, when all the walkers are finally dead for good — animals will once again take ownership of the world. Now that would be a great ending.