Forget the "Money" — All We Can Focus on Is Cardi B's Sex Appeal in Her New NSFW Video

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Cardi B always manages to come through with the sexiest videos, and she did not disappoint with her latest visual masterpiece for "Money." The single dropped back in October, but the wait was definitely worth it for the sizzlingly fierce video that followed. Like the single's cover hinted at, the video features Cardi B dripping in all sorts of expensive luxuries as she reminds us that she never plays any games when it comes to getting her cheddar. There's dancers, money falling everywhere, and throughout the video, Cardi lounges in a display case surrounded by other gorgeous works of art. (Mona Lisa whomst?) We even get brief glimpses of baby Kulture as Cardi gives her a shoutout rapping, "But nothing in this world that I like more than Kulture!" Watch the music video above, then check out some more of the sexiest rap music videos from 2018.