Can You Pick Out Every Pop Culture Reference in Charli XCX and Troye Sivan's "1999" Video?!

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Troye Sivan might be busy flashing his beautiful face around the country on his star-studded Bloom tour, but he still made time to record and drop a lit new collaboration with Charli XCX. "1999" is all about wanting to go back to simpler times, when AIM was the best way to talk to your friends after school and Skechers were the hottest kicks to have on your feet. This week, the duo ramped up nostalgia to the umpteenth degree with a music video for the bop. This music video has everything: boy bands, that iconic Titanic moment, Steve Jobs and his Apple computers, the Spice Girls, The Sims . . . the list goes on. Think you can clock every '90s wink in the video? We dare you to try.