Hilarious Game of Thrones Recaps to Help You Laugh Through Your Finale Tears

The following contains spoilers for Game of Thrones season seven.

Sometimes the best way to deal with the overwhelming feeling of sadness that follows a show finale is to relive it . . . with laughter. So if you're feeling purposeless and empty now that Game of Thrones is on hiatus for at least another year, we have the perfect solution. TV fan and internet comic Chrys creates hilarious recaps of her favorite shows for Tumblr and Reddit, all archived on her website, Chrys Reviews, and luckily her crowning achievement is Game of Thrones content.

Following every new GOT installment, Chrys quickly whips up a comprehensive overview of the episode . . . with a sense of humor that will make you snort with laughter. So don't just dive right into a Thrones rewatch or wallow in hiatus-induced despair; relive the best part of season seven with Chrys's "Too Long; Didn't Watch" synopses. We promise that it'll make you forget your sadness over the wait for season eight . . . at least, for the moment!

Episode 1

Recap highlight: Jaime Lannister standing on wet paint in slide 67.

Episode 2

Recap highlight: Arya nope-ing out of her conversation with Hot Pie, slide 78.

Episode 3

Recap highlight: "Right proper lad" Jon Snow, slide 47.

Episode 4

Recap highlight: Dickon Tarly's Burning Man joke, slide 123.

Episode 5

Recap highlight: Thirsty Daenerys, slide 87.

Episode 6

Recap highlight: Gendry's pep talk, slide 80.

Episode 7 — Finale

Recap highlight: Brienne and the Hound height comparisons, slide 28.