We're Calling It: This Crazy Rich Asians Song Will Be 1 of the Year's Biggest Wedding Songs

Crazy Rich Asians is one of the best rom-coms of the Summer, so it's only fitting that the soundtrack is filled with tons of love songs. While there are quite a few bops in the movie, one of the sweetest tracks has to be the one that plays during Colin and Araminta's wedding in Singapore. As Araminta walks down the aisle, a beautiful cover of Elvis Presley's "Can't Help Falling in Love" by singer Kina Grannis plays in the background. The quietly stunning song strikes the perfect, understated contrast to the outrageously luxurious nuptials of the two characters, and is enough to make you teary eyed.

Needless to say, you'll probably be hearing it a lot at weddings this year. Listen to the gorgeous cover ahead.

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