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Crime Scene: Strange Coincidences in the Elisa Lam Case

Crime Scene: The 4 Strangest Coincidences at the Heart of the Elisa Lam Case

Crime Scene: Strange Coincidences in the Elisa Lam Case
Image Source: Netflix

Elisa Lam's 2013 disappearance was strange, to say the very least. It unfolded at downtown Los Angeles' Cecil Hotel, a place marked by a history of death, suicide, and serial killers. Days before a hotel worker discovered Lam's body in the main water tank, the LAPD released surveillance footage of Lam acting bizarrely in an elevator. The oddities definitely didn't end after the video went viral in the online sleuth community, baffling even the most rigid skeptics.

Here's the thing: Lam's case was riddled with weird coincidences the deeper that you looked into it. And inevitably, many of these connections gave rise to far-out conspiracy theories. Revisiting Lam's disappearance, episodes three and four of Netflix's Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel unpack a handful of weird parallels that line up with the case. On the miniseries, writer Josh Dean attribute these parallels to synchronicity, or simultaneous meaningful coincidences. From the similarities of Lam's story with the movie Dark Water to a tuberculosis test that shares her name, here are the creepiest coincidences in the Elisa Lam disappearance case.

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