3 Theories About Where Tyrell Wellick Really Is on Mr. Robot

In the season two premiere of Mr. Robot, we learned a whole lot about how the main characters are coping in the aftermath of last season's epic finale. There are, however, several plotlines from season one which are conspicuously absent. What is it exactly that super-insanely-evil mega-villain Tyrell Wellick is up to while the others are trying to rebuild their lives — or, in the case of our protagonist Elliot, start completely over?

To be fair, he isn't completely absent from the episode. But the appearances he does make — when considered in the context of what we've learned about Elliot's mental state, the way Tyrell leaves things with his wife in season one, and that mysterious phone call on the premiere — raise even more questions about where he is, what he's doing, and ultimately, what role he'll play in season two.

The good news is that when it comes to Mr. Robot, there is no end to internet speculation and theorizing about the exact state of affairs — and we've pulled three of the most compelling theories on where he is, just for you.

  1. Tyrell is on the run after murdering the CTO of Evil Corp.'s wife, and he's going to make a comeback later in the series. The most rational theory we've seen to date, given the events of the final dinner in which his wife stabs herself to induce labor and he murders the CTO's wife. It's not impossible that he's just hiding until it's safe to come out.
  2. Elliot is in a mental institution and everything that's happening in the episode is really solely in his head. This theory, explained by Reddit user shbooms, is supported by the fact that many were wondering if it is Elliot on the phone at the end of the episode, which would mean that the second episode would be a continuation of what he's imagining everyone's up to on the outside. It also makes sense when you think about how dramatically changed some of the main characters are, and how none of those changes are explained.
  3. Tyrell is actually just another one of Elliot's personalities, so he's always there. We just don't see him. Though it comes out of the season one premiere, Reddit user Chartis's theory outlining that Tyrell is always present to Elliot is enough to make anyone believe. It would cancel out the mental institution theory, but it's also very possible that he's just going through the motions because he's living his life through various other characters.

What do you think is the truth?