So, Jack Might Not Die in That Fire on This Is Us After All

Ever since This Is Us revealed how the fire started in the Pearson home, we've been going crazy anticipating the upcoming Super Bowl episode. While Mandy Moore recently teased it would be a "good soul-crusher," creator Dan Fogelman has since raised a few eyebrows over his comments about Jack's death. "All of the stuff people might be theorizing about regarding Jack's death will get wrapped up in this episode," he told USA Today. "I think people are going to be satisfied and, in . . . ways they don't see coming, they're going to be really surprised."

Satisfied? Surprised? Is the show's creator hinting that Jack doesn't actually die in the fire? Well, fans certainly seem to think so. Ever since the episode "That'll Be the Day" aired, Reddit has been overflowing with theories, namely how the clues we've been given about Jack's death don't quite add up. For one, let's talk about what Rebecca is wearing when she drives home in the season two premiere. While she sports a Steelers jersey and hoop earrings in the car, she is shown wearing a pink robe and pajamas in the preview for "Super Bowl Sunday." If you were trying to escape a burning building, would you really take the extra time to put on clothes and accessories? Perhaps the scene in the season two premiere is actually a few days (or even weeks) after the actual fire. It would explain why the house doesn't have any smoke when she pulls up.

Another debate about the timing of Jack's death centers on the cast on Kevin's leg. While it's hard to tell whether or not he is actually wearing a cast during the funeral scene (his pants could be covering it), Kevin does add that he was able to walk again by the time he buried his father. Seeing that Kevin is still on crutches when he is with Sophie in the season two premiere, there could be a small time difference between the fire and when his father actually dies.


To be clear, it's pretty obvious that Jack does die from complications from the house fire, but the date of his death may not be Super Bowl Sunday like the title of the episode suggests. It could happen later on if he is transported to a hospital after the house fire.

Finally, fans couldn't help but notice that some of the show's biggest moments happen at hospitals — Toby's heart surgery, Kate's appendectomy, William's death in Memphis, and Kevin's broken leg. Heck, even the start of Jack and Rebecca's family happens in a hospital. As we know, nothing is done by accident on this show. Could it be that Jack actually dies in a hospital after the fire? Maybe it's smoke inhalation or perhaps it's something much worse. Honestly, there's really no telling with This Is Us. All we can say is that it will definitely, probably leave us choking back sobs.