We Need to Know What Happened to Nate's Youngest Brother on "Euphoria"

We're now halfway through season two of HBO's "Euphoria," and it's safe to say Jacob Elordi's character, Nate, has pretty much sealed his fate as one of the most hated characters on the show, but his father, Cal, isn't so far behind him. In "Euphoria" season two, episode four, Cal comes out to his family (which is awesome) but also takes the opportunity to blame them for all of his issues and tell Nate he's his biggest regret in life (not awesome). However, before he leaves the house, he grabs a family photo off the wall and takes it with him.

If that photo looks familiar, it should. The photo — showing a young Nate, his parents, and two other young boys — was the same picture as the lock screen on Cal's (aka DominantDaddy's) phone, which we see when Jules checks Cal's phone as he showers in season one.

Does Nate Jacobs Have Siblings on "Euphoria"?

So, what else does the photo tell us? Well, Nate has two brothers. As Rue reveals at the beginning of the second episode of season one, Nate's older brother, Aaron, is considered "a f*ckup." Though Nate believes himself to have a good — if unemotional — relationship with his father, he knows that his father doesn't like Aaron because, as Rue says, Cal "didn't think he had guts or brains."

At least half of Nate's supposition (the not liking Aaron part) is proven true in season two, episode four, when Cal puts Aaron's particularly sordid pornography habit on blast (hypocrite much?). But Nate is apparently wrong to think he has a good relationship with his dad, since Cal considers him his biggest regret and openly expresses his disdain for his entire family throughout his monologue. So, why is Nate Cal's biggest regret? Could it possibly involve the third brother in the family photo, Nate's youngest brother?

What Happened to Nate's Youngest Brother on "Euphoria"?

If young Nate is on the far left side of the picture and young Aaron is on the top right, then that leaves one other brother (presumably the youngest) who sits in front. However, Rue only mentions the one brother when going into Nate's backstory in season one, episode two, so the identity of the third brother remains a mystery. Did this brother die? If so, was Nate involved (which could explain Cal's special disdain for Nate)? Or did Cal do something to make the brother leave?

While we've continued to get more and more glimpses into the family of four, no answers about the third son have come to fruition. Hopefully, that answer comes at some point in season two.