Ed Sheeran, Chance the Rapper, and PnB Rock's "Cross Me" Video Is a Trippy Virtual Journey

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Ed Sheeran, Chance the Rapper, and PnB Rock all make appearances in the new music video for their single "Cross Me," but it's probably not what you expect. Rather than the trio physically showing up in the clip, they materialize as virtual renderings of themselves through the body of a dancer who's wearing a motion-capture suit. Throughout the video, the dancer shows off some seriously impressive hip-hop and contemporary moves while flickering between the computerized versions of the three music artists. At the same time, the background displays different cyberworlds — one in which Sheeran's digital self upchucks Skittle-like candy as it also shoots out of his eyes (ya know, normal stuff). If you feel like you're on something while watching the video, you're not alone!