Prepare to Swoon Over Ed Sheeran's Romantic, Acoustic Version of "I Don't Care"

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When Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber came out with a new single, "I Don't Care," a few weeks back, I instantly added it to all of my Summer playlists. But now, Sheeran has gone ahead and released a solo, acoustic version of the track, and it has an entirely different vibe.

While it still has the same carefree (lol) lyrics of the original — Sheeran sings about finding solace in a significant other during moments of social anxiety at a party — it strips back the music to hone in on the romantic themes of the song. The British singer-songwriter is practically the king of providing couples all over the world with first dance songs that make everyone at their wedding swoon, and this is no different.

Listen to the dreamy version of "I Don't Care" above, then check out Sheeran's second collaboration off his next album, "Cross" featuring Chance the Rapper.