Ed Sheeran and Travis Scott's "Antisocial" Music Video Is Truly a Wild Trip

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What do you get when you put Ed Sheeran and Travis Scott in the same music video together? A wild trip, that's what. Shortly after releasing his collaborations album, No.6 Collaborations Project, on Friday, the English singer unveiled the video for his highly anticipated track with Scott, "Antisocial." As the title would suggest, the whole video is about Scott and Sheeran ignoring people together, but it's the crazy costumes and CGI effects that will truly blow your mind.

Throughout the video, Sheeran has his head explode, gets stung by a bee in the eye, and gets attacked by incessant bluebirds. Not to mention, there are also quite a few references to popular movies as Scott dresses up like Edward Scissorhands from Tim Burton's 1990 film. See all the crazy moments as you watch the video above!