Elders' Reactions to the Fifty Shades Trailer Are as Priceless as You'd Expect

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The latest video in the "Elders React" series is all about the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer, and these men and women's priceless commentary cannot be missed. Amid all the gasps, raised eyebrows, and a handful of hilariously apathetic reactions, there's one man who says, "'I don't do romance'? What kind of a guy are you?" And while some viewers agree that the movie looks good, others are a little more skeptical. One man admits, "It looks intriguing. I want to know what's on his mind." Another man's two cents? "So far, I'm not turned on," adding, "My library doesn't carry it." Watch all the reactions above — including a segment where they read aloud from the book — then check out more on Fifty Shades of Grey!