AGT: I Truly Can't Believe This Insanely Talented Opera Prodigy Is Only 10 Years Old

If you closed your eyes and listened to Emanne Beasha perform, you'd never know she was just 10 years old. The wildly talented kid singer took the America's Got Talent stage on Tuesday night to belt out a heavenly rendition of "Ebben," and as usual, she let loose a voice that sounds far beyond her age. Unsurprisingly, judges Gabrielle Union and Julianne Hough were visibly in awe by the end of her performance. The last time Emanne hit the stage, her performance wowed guest judge Jay Leno into slamming the Golden Buzzer, leaving the young opera prodigy and her family stunned and emotional.

Emanne isn't the only young contestant who's been making jaws drop throughout season 14. Benicio Bryant, 14, consistently wows the audience with his original songs, while 12-year-old Luke Islam has a voice that seems made for Broadway. Watch Emanne's latest, gorgeous appearance on the reality show above, and then check out the best performances in AGT history.