Playing the Euphoria Trailer Over and Over Just For the Song? Here It Is

HBO is known for its big-budget shows, of which Game of Thrones is, of course, the gold standard. But the premium cable channel also branches out from time to time with smaller productions that hearken back to its earlier, more art-house days. The upcoming series Euphoria, starring Zendaya and produced by Drake, is one of those. Adapted from an Israeli teen drama, it's an edgy, close-up look at the lives of a handful of teenagers. Following the original teaser, the first full trailer has been released, and along with a thoughtful voiceover narrative, it's soundtracked by music that seems to perfectly capture the clip's mood.

The song in the trailer is "Hex," a 2016 track by Ark Patrol. It's the title track from the Hex EP album, with quirky beats and a memorable sound. In short, it's the perfect kind of music to soundtrack a show about the ups and downs of being a modern teenager. You can catch a snippet of the music in the second half of the Euphoria trailer above, or listen to the full track below.

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