Is Euron Greyjoy the Father of Cersei's Baby? The Theory That Might Prove It

The following contains spoilers for Game of Thrones season seven.

The season seven finale of Game of Thrones is unquestionably insane. While we got to the bottom of many previously unanswered questions — like whether or not Arya and Sansa were actually plotting against Littlefinger, Sam actually did hear Gilly reveal Rhaegar Targaryen had a marriage annulled, and Viserion can now blow blue smoke — there's one major plot line that we still have questions about: Cersei's pregnancy.

During episode five of the penultimate season of the show, Queen Cersei drops the news on her brother/lover Jaime that a Lannister baby is on the way. While viewers sort of believe Cersei that her brother is the father of her child (we know, it's twisted, but incest isn't even that crazy on the show these days), we've got a theory that Cersei's baby daddy is someone who's a lot scruffier and more ruthless than Jaime: Euron Greyjoy.


Putting aside all thoughts that Cersei is a complete nut and would actually lie about being pregnant in the first place, here's why we think the lead assh*le of Westeros could actually be the father of a future Lannister ruler.

During the season finale, Cersei shockingly reveals that although Euron immediately dipped out of King's Landing upon seeing the wight, he's actually going to Essos to get more forces for the Lannisters, a plan that he and Cersei had schemed up behind Jaime's back. This revelation raises the question about what else Cersei was doing with Euron behind Jaime's back.

When Euron arrives in King's Landing earlier in the season, he professes his love for Cersei and his plans to one day make her his bride. While it's obvious Cersei wouldn't know she was pregnant if they had sex upon that meeting (although the timeline of this season is very obscure), it's interesting how Euron wastes no time before making fun of Jaime's sexual relationship with his sister. Euron does what he does best and taunts Jaime, asking what Cersei is into in the bedroom — so, was he just doing some market research or did he already know what Cersei was into?!

Euron and Cersei are both so shady and power-hungry that it only makes sense that their secret relationship started way before the decision to betray Jon and Daenerys and their plan to defeat the White Walkers. And let's be real, if Jaime was the father of Cersei's baby like she claims he is, would she really have just let him ride away to the North? She may have saved him by not allowing the Mountain to kill him, but Cersei doesn't know when she'll see Jaime again. On the other hand, she knows exactly where Euron's going and when he'll be back.

We can all agree that if this is true, Euron and Cersei would make one seriously evil child, but we'll just have to wait until next season picks up with Cersei's pregnancy and all the other mysterious cliffhangers we were left with in the season seven finale.