Euphoria's Nate Just Messed With This Beloved Character, and OMG, Can He Just Not?

Warning: spoilers for Euphoria ahead!

All of the characters on HBO's Euphoria are pretty morally ambiguous, to say the least, but here's one thing we feel sure of: drug dealer Fezco is innately good, and popular jock Nate is nothing but bad news. On the penultimate episode of season one, the two had a pretty tense showdown, and our hearts are already hurting for Fez's possible fate. Will the finale see him going to jail? Seeing as Nate just framed Tyler for physically assaulting Maddy (even though the real perpetrator was Nate), we wouldn't be surprised if Nate puts a second person behind bars.

To recap: Rue still can't figure out what went down between Jules and Nate, but she feels certain that Nate is the reason Jules has been so distant lately. She pays a visit to Fez and begs him to intimidate Nate into leaving Jules alone, and though Fez refuses to use a gun to do so (as Rue asks him to do), he agrees to talk to Nate. Later on, Nate visits the convenience store where Fez works, and Fez takes the opportunity to confront Nate. He explains that Rue is like family, and he wants Nate to leave Rue and her friends — including Jules — alone. Unsurprisingly, Nate sees this as a threat. He begins to insult Fez, reminding him that he's a dropout and a druggie who will never amount to anything. Though Fez remains calm, he does tell Nate this before he leaves: if Nate messes with Rue and Jules again, Fez will kill him.

Toward the end of the episode, master manipulator Nate dials the police to "report a crime." We don't hear the rest of the conversation, but when cop cars pull up to Fez's home, there's no doubt about the subject matter. The scene ends with the police banging on the door as Fez and his kid brother, Ashtray, frantically flush the drugs they have on hand down the toilet. It's pretty clear that they won't be able to get rid of all the evidence in time, and chances are that Fez (and maybe even little Ashtray) are going to find themselves in hot water. We won't know what happens for sure until the finale, but if Nate doesn't start facing some repercussions for his actions soon, we're going to be seriously PO'd.