When You Need a Good Laugh, These Friends Bloopers Will Be There For You

Aug 2 2020 - 4:28pm

When I recently watched the Friends episode where Monica, Phoebe, and Rachel [1] wear wedding dresses just to watch TV, I could relate. (Staying home all the time is boring, OK?) The '90s sitcom [2] is basically always on repeat at my house, providing countless laughs, endless hours of entertainment [3], and tons of inspiration to make staying home a bit better. It's just so dang relatable: drinking coffee, making up silly songs, redecorating the living room while screaming "Pivot!"? All things I've done over the last few months.

But when you crave even more laugh-out-loud moments in your life — I'm talking more than the number of toppings Joey puts on his sandwich — then you have to watch these Friends bloopers on YouTube. Just try to keep a straight face watching Chandler and Joey improv lines, Ross prank Rachel, and all the stars mess up their words and crack each other up. It's truly great stuff!

Whenever you need a mood boost, these bloopers will be there for you. Watch some of our favorites from all 10 seasons ahead.

Friends Season 1 Bloopers

Friends Season 2 Bloopers

Friends Season 3 Bloopers

Friends Season 4 Bloopers

Friends Season 5 Bloopers

Friends Season 6 Bloopers

Friends Season 7 Bloopers

Friends Season 8 Bloopers

Friends Season 9 Bloopers

Friends Season 10 Bloopers

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