Here's Something to Sing About — Frozen 2 Will Be Here Sooner Than You Think

It's been quite a while since Disney confirmed there would be a sequel to their ridiculously popular animated musical Frozen back in 2015 (which earned an icy reaction from Kristen Bell), but the good news is that we now have plenty of news about the upcoming movie to sink our teeth into.

In addition to a collection of stunning photos and posters from the film, Disney released a teaser and an official trailer for the sequel, both of which are tense AF as they see Elsa and Anna traveling outside of Arendelle to brave brand new adventures. So, when will we get to watch Frozen 2 in theaters?

Thankfully, we'll be getting more answers about the high-anticipated sequel very soon, since Frozen 2 is set to premiere on Nov. 22, just in time for the holidays. Even though we have a long wait ahead of us, that just means we have more time to obsess over all our theories about why Elsa is running into that giant wall of water, why there's no snow to be seen, and what's up with the rest of the twisty new plot.