Just a Ton of Hilarious Observations About the Queen Bee of Netflix's You: Peach Salinger

Warning: spoilers for You ahead!

Whether you hate Peach Salinger or worship her (or find yourself decidedly somewhere in the middle), there's no denying that the queen bee of Netflix's You is highly entertaining. Played to perfection by Pretty Little Liars alum Shay Mitchell, Peach has no shortage of one-liners that make us simultaneously cringe and respect her — "Male energy in my healing space just isn't optimal" — and also harbors a few dangerous secrets of her own, which Joe (Penn Badgley) soon discovers.

Chief among them is her obsession with her best friend, Beck, who fans of the show pretty unanimously can't stand (we don't blame them). As soon as Joe realizes that Peach, a Brown alum and wealthy beyond belief, is competing for his target's affection, there's nothing that can stop him from taking her out — not even a first edition of Ozma of Oz. Of course, Peach doesn't go quietly, resulting in even more iconic moments from the character.

If you're #TeamPeach, #TeamJoe, or even #TeamBeck (lol jk, that's not a thing), check out the best observations about the dearly departed Peach Salinger, ahead.