27 Hilarious Reactions to It That'll Make Up For Never Being Able to Sleep Again

The following contains spoilers for the movie It.

So, you've just seen It, eh? We get it — you're traumatized, impressed, entertained, and scared sh*tless all at once. It's the only natural reaction! And you're not alone, because it seems like every horror fan on Twitter has permanently damaged their own psyche by willingly watching this season's scariest film. And apparently, during the time that they're not sleeping due to horrific visions of murderous clowns, social media users are churning out some downright hilarious responses to the movie.

Turn your tears of It-induced horror into tears of breathless laughter by reading through Twitter's best reactions to the movie. They'll make up for your newfound fear of red balloons, sewer drains, clowns, yellow raincoats, and teenagers with mullets . . . at least for the time being.