Harry Styles Is Very Shirtless in the Video For "Lights Up," and the Internet Has Thoughts

Nearly two years after he stole our hearts with his debut solo album, Harry Styles managed to do it again with his new single, "Lights Up". The track is Styles's first musical release since he dropped the eponymous Harry Styles in 2017, and the song has all the promise that the former One Direction band member had been hinting it would.

"I'm sorry by the way / I'm never coming around / It'd be so sweet if things just stayed the same," Styles sings as he rides down the road on the back of a bike and writhes half-naked in a crowd of people. (As you do.) The song serves as the lead single for the singer's as-yet-untitled sophomore solo album, which he described to be "all about having sex and feeling sad," to Rolling Stone in his September 2019 cover story. That is the vibe one gets from the music video, which has a definite dreamy and surreal quality to it. It's definitely not the vibe you'd get from Disney's Prince Eric, so maybe it's a good thing that Styles turned down that role after all!

Given the surprise drop and sheer amount of shirtlessness involved in the video, fans are freakin' losing it. Press play on "Lights Up" above, then keep scrolling to see the most passionate and hilarious responses to Styles's new song, ahead.

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Watch the video for "Lights Up":