Game of Thrones Is Getting Its Own Aftershow, So You Can Extend Your Obsession Another Hour

For passionate Game of Thrones fanatics, the series isn't just a show — it's a lifestyle. Unsurprisingly, a single hour per week simply isn't enough Westeros for the fandom, which is why HBO executives are developing a special post-episode discussion show called After the Thrones, all about George R. R. Martin's fantasy universe.

Much like The Walking Dead airs its own aftershow, The Talking Dead, immediately after each episode, the Game of Thrones project is set to air the Monday after each Sunday's installment. That means theory discussions (R + L = J, anyone?), in-depth analysis of each character's choices, and educated guesses about who will end up on the Iron Throne, all wrapped up into a single show.

Pop-culture experts Andy Greenwald and Chris Ryan are slated to host the Monday discussions, which begin streaming on HBO Go and HBO Now on April 25 after the Game of Thrones season six premiere, with air dates for the actual network TBD.

So if you want to immerse yourself in the royal politics, bloodlust, and betrayal of the Seven Kingdoms more than one night per week, be sure to tune in to After the Thrones when it begins later this month. (Trust us, your disinterested co-workers will thank you for finding a better outlet for your post-episode theories.)