A New Game of Thrones Teaser Has Us Worried About the "Aftermath" of the Battle of Winterfell

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In case you weren't in enough fear over the fates of your favorite Game of Thrones characters, HBO has released another teaser bound to make you think twice about rooting for anyone. The newly released teaser, titled "Aftermath," doesn't contain actual footage from the final season — unlike the official trailer that gives us glimpses of Westeros preparing for the big battle ahead — but it does give us an ominous warning for what could come after the battle.

In the promo, the camera pans through a completely desolate Winterfell, seemingly fresh after the big battle. The landscape is completely covered in snow — as it tends to be in Winterfell — as the camera travels down from the rafters to the courtyard below. As the camera moves, there are several objects that are pointedly in plain sight:

  • Tyrion's Hand of the Queen pin
  • Arya's sword, Needle
  • Lyanna's feather
  • Bran's wheelchair
  • Jaime's golden hand
  • Daenerys's dragon chain
  • Jon's sword, Longclaw

Now it's pretty obvious that these are meant to represent those specific characters, but why are they buried in the snow? GoT is known for being pretty grisly and never sparing any character, but we highly doubt they'd kill almost everyone of importance in one fell swoop. But these are definitely the characters who face the most danger in the oncoming battle, as they will be right in the thick of it all. It doesn't help that, as Jon's sword comes into view, a figure approaches the archway, too obscured by the blowing snow to really make out. But it's a fair guess that it's the Night King and he's coming for all those referenced before.

The promo is pretty similar to the first two promos released for season eight, the first of which showed fire and ice clashing over a map of Westeros, with statues of a direwolf (the Starks), a dragon (the Targaryens), and a lion (the Lannisters) being consumed by either element. The second featured three of the last children of House Stark — Jon, Sansa, and Arya — all together for the first time since season one, marching through the crypts of Winterfell, passing statues of their late relatives, like Ned and Catelyn Stark, and leaving massive Easter eggs along the way. There's no concrete answer to what it all means, but we get the basic gist. Things are about to get super messy in Westeros and no one, not even your fave, is truly safe.