Yara and Ellaria Are Making Out in the New Game of Thrones Trailer, Y'all

The new Game of Thrones trailer has left us absolutely shook. Jon Snow is announcing that the great war is here, Cersei is ready to murder literally anyone, and Dany's dragons are ready to GO. There's one moment, though, that had us all pausing, rewinding, and asking, "Who the hell is that?" At 1:22, two women who haven't even met by the end of season six are shown making out. It's Yara Greyjoy and Ellaria Sand! It's not surprising that Yara would be kissing a woman — the show has made her sexual preference known — but why is she kissing Ellaria?

If you recall, season six ends with Varys making a trip to Dorne to meet with the Sand Snakes. It's implied that they are now allied with Varys and Daenerys, making for one powerful team. Meanwhile, the Greyjoys have also struck a deal with Daenerys. Yara convinces Dany not to trust Euron, and they agree to supply 100 Ironborn ships to fight for Dany. Though geographically, Yara and Ellaria aren't in the same place at the end of season six, it looks like they end up together at some point in season seven . . . and they make out.

While we know Ellaria is a crafty one (the last woman she kissed ended up dead, RIP Myrcella), I'm not getting the feeling that this is a trick. Perhaps they are celebrating their alliance? You can see the moment in the trailer below.

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