Gilmore Girls: 17 Questions That Need to Be Answered If There's a Second Season

After much anticipation, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life was finally released this weekend, but unfortunately for a lot of fans, the reboot left us with more questions than answers. Even though Luke and Lorelai finally get their fairy-tale ending, the fate of Rory's love life is still up in the air. And don't even get us started on those final four words!

  1. Who is the father of Rory's baby?
  2. Who wrote Emily that letter she mentions in therapy?
  3. Does Lorelai buy the Annex?
  4. Did Rory or Logan start the affair?
  5. Are Luke and Lorelai going to have a baby?
  6. What has Mr. Kim been doing all these years?
  7. Does Michel stay at the Dragonfly Inn?
  8. Is Rory's book going to get published?
  9. Are Gypsy and Emily's maid, Berta, actually twins separated at birth?
  10. Is Jess Rory's Luke?
  11. Who is Dean's new wife?
  12. Is Sookie back in Stars Hollow for good?
  13. Who buys Richard and Emily's house?
  14. Do Paris and Doyle get back together?
  15. Where are Sookie and Jackson's kids?
  16. What does Odette look like?
  17. What is the real WiFi password at Luke's?

Let's just say, if Amy Sherman-Palladino does decide to do another season, she should definitely use these questions as the main plot points.