GLOW's Season 3 Trailer Is Full of Glitz, Glamour, Spandex, and Heartbreak

The first trailer for GLOW's third season is full of glitz, glamour, spandex, and in a troubling turn, some serious heartbreak. Unlike the previous two seasons, which were located in Los Angeles, the third season sees Ruth, Debbie, and the rest of the crew now headlining the Fan-Tan Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, where they discover that for all the neon lights, Sin City is a hell of a lot of work.

Despite the smash success of their wrestling act under the tutelage of a former showgirl (played by none other than new cast member Geena Davis), Debbie (Betty Gilpin) finds herself flooded with guilt about being apart from her young son so much, while Ruth's (Alison Brie) personal life grows increasingly more complicated; will she stick with her new boyfriend or is that (admittedly) weird spark between her and Sam (Marc Maron) about to become something more? Judging from the new footage, it also looks like addiction, sexuality, and more struggles with identity will come into play in the third season.

As usual, it seems that nothing in the world of GLOW ever comes easy. Check out the trailer above before the new episodes hit Netflix on Aug. 9.