We Need to Lay Down After the Season 14 Finale of Grey's Anatomy

Season 14 of Grey's Anatomy has been one hell of a ride. The finale definitely gave us several twists turns we didn't see coming, including the promise of Teddy returning to Grey's for good and the possibility of Jo leaving Grey Sloan to take on fellowship.

There's a ton of ground to cover, so let's get started!

Alex and Jo Hook up in a Barn

Jo learns that she's been accepted to Mass Gen for a fellowship. Not wanting Alex to leave, Meredith offers Jo an attending position at Grey Sloan. With zero belief in wedding superstitions, Jo storms into Alex's dressing room hoping to figure out whether or not he had a hand in Meredith's offer. (He didn't.)

Pretty soon after she barges in, they start making out and take up steamy relations inside an abandoned barn. After hooking up, the almost newlyweds find themselves stuck inside, unable to get out. Alex busts open a window, which brings in a beam of light, revealing that they'd been getting nasty next to . . . a totally decomposed corpse. Anyway, they manage to get out when Meredith and DeLuca hear them screaming.

The Nonwedding is a Hot Mess

The interns (minus Vik) get completely wasted, roping DeLuca into their misadventures. Still heartbroken over Sam, DeLuca gives a totally sad, drunken toast. Meredith takes him away, and they go looking for Alex. Out of the goodness of her heart, she gives him a little pep talk about how he'll find love once more . . . which leads him to kiss her — only, she quickly shoots him down.

Anyway, April's cowedding planner accidentally eats shrimp and develops an allergic reaction, which leads to the doctors jumping in and giving her an emergency trach. The sight of blood, combined with his complete and utter inebriation, leads Glasses to faint and crash into the wedding cake. Oops.

Grey Sloan's Staff Goes to the Wrong Wedding

Catherine, Richard, Miranda, and the interns end up at the wrong wedding. The staff manages to sneak out except for Ben and Miranda. Lucky for the bride and groom, the chief of surgery is there just right when they needed her. The bride's mother, Lila, drops down because of a heart condition. As Bailey rushes her into surgery, she bumps into Teddy, who's pulling on suitcases. The former Grey Sloan surgeon ends up pulling off a successful cardiothoracic surgery, during which she asks Bailey for a job.

After receiving a fat check for her Trailblazer surgical tool, Bailey decides that she wants to take some time off to work on surgery and research. She interests Teddy with an interim chief position.

Teddy's Back . . . Maybe for Good?

Yup, so Teddy's back. The last time we saw her, she had shared a brief fling with Owen, tearfully pushing him out of her cozy German home after piecing together that he had hooked up with Amelia the night before. Lo and behold, what comes out of the bird and the bees? A baby!

The wedding resumes, and they bring the wedding to Lila via video call. When asked by Lila, Teddy admits that she is expecting. There's a very, very, very good chance that the baby is Owen's. We're expecting things to get complicated, seeing as Amelia and Owen are now coparenting Betty and baby Leo (and definitely have feelings for each other whether they like to admit it or not).

We Get Traces of Callie

Yes, just traces of Callie, not Callie herself. While at the fiasco of the wedding, Arizona reveals to April that Callie is single again. And that while Callie has hurt her in the past, Arizona is feeling things for her ex once more. Via text bubbles, we learn that Callie is very excited to see her. The episode then ends with Sara Ramirez's (aka Callie) beautiful rendition of Brandi Carlile's "The Story" from the Grey's musical episode. We're definitely betting on Callie and Arizona having a happily ever after in New York.

There's an Impromptu Wedding

After the complete sh*tshow that was the wedding, everyone takes the ferry back home. Maggie comes up with the idea to have Meredith become an ordained minister. So, even when things didn't go as planned (and they very likely lost a lot of money on that beautiful wedding that April planned), Alex gets married to the love of his life by his best friend with a beautiful view of the sunset and water.

April Receives a Pleasant Surprise

Awkwardness festers between Jackson and Matthew, since things don't go so well the last time they are both at a wedding. (If you recall, Jackson runs off with Matthew's bride.) Jackson makes a point to apologize, but definitely still feels a little bitter toward Jackson. They manage to close old wounds after Jackson admits that he had just lost a quarter of a billion dollars.

After everyone had already left (except for April, Arizona, and Jackson), the minister finally arrives. While it's too late for Jo and Alex, she arrives just in the nick of time for Matthew to spontaneously propose to April. She says yes and marries him on the spot.

What's next for April? We learn that she's decided to do "God's work" and help the local homeless. Given that Catherine wants to make plans for dinner with her granddaughter, it sounds like April will still be in or near Seattle, which means there might be a chance that we'll get to see April every now and then.

Despite all the hectic happenings, everything works out in the end, and there are no plane crashes or terrible bus accidents. Even Sarah Drew and Jessica Capshaw make it out safe and sound, with the promise of happiness for both of their characters outside of the purview of Grey's Anatomy! Now, if there is truly good in the world, we'll just be patiently waiting for Dr. Marsh to return to Grey's next season.